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In course of this workshop, each participant will – under Pavel´s supervision and with his assistance – carve out, malować, assemble and hang his own wooden marionette and will learn how to manipulate it.

Harmonogram warsztatów:

production of a 40 -50 cm marionette carved entirely from linden wood
Warsztat trwa 7 dni
Studenci będą pracować z 10 am to 6 pm, mający 1 hour lunch break

Maksymalna liczba studentów: 4

1st Dzień

  • Wprowadzenie
  • Przygotowanie wizualnego projektowania (rysunek techniczny)
  • Doktryna ostrzenia dłut

2nd Dzień

  • Przygotowanie materiału maszyna
  • Start on carving the marionette head

3rd Dzień

  • Zakończenie lalek Siedziba

4th Dzień

  • Start on carving a marionette body

5th Dzień

  • Start on carving a marionette hands and legs

6th Dzień

  • Malarstwo Marionette

7th Dzień

  • Marionette assembly
  • Marionette controller production
  • Technique of stringing puppet
  • Zakończenie Marionette
  • Lekcja Marionetki


Opłata za warsztaty:

20.000 CZK per person


Every participant will obtain a certificate of successful completion of a course.
The price of the workshop includes a ticket for Don Giovanni performance at the National Marionette Theatre plus a tour of a private historical marionette collection. Both events will be arranged according to student´s time options.



Warsztaty są prowadzone w języku angielskim

After completion of the workshop our former student will know which material to choose and how to prepare it for marionette production, making visual design and technical drawing, how to take care of the chisels, woodcarving technique, how properly attach strings to a puppet and sure finally get to know how to manipulate marionette.


Co jeszcze masz? Additional rich experience and an advice in the field of puppetry.