STEP BY STEP WITH THE MARIONETTE


                              FROM MANIPULATION TO A PLAY

                                                       WITH OUR MASTER PUPPETEER PAVEL TRUHLÁŘ



                                               Workshop finished with the street performance

Marionety Truhlář company organizes marionette workshop led by Pavel Truhlář, master in the field of puppetry with the rich experience in international festivals from street performing so-called “street art of puppetry.”

The workshop will give students the rare opportunity to spend intensive creative 5 days to learnt how to string the puppet in the proper way to achieve the best marionette movement, to get to know how to manipulate the puppet, together we will look for a puppet motion expression of basic human emotions, we will get participants ready to step out and perform with the marionette in the theater and outdoors.


Workshop Schedule:

Rehearsals will take place in the studio and later on outside with prepared mannequins (training puppets) manipulated from above by string or wires. We will try to play in family puppet theaters, suitable for home performance. You can bring along your own puppet. Prepare ahead your script of output or idea – an idea which we can help you develop, enhance and most importantly to get implemented based on our rich experience in this field.


Daily Schedule:

Workshop takes 4 days
Students will work from 10 am to 6 pm, having 2 hours lunch break
Maximum number of students: 4


1st Day

  • introduction
  • puppet master Truhlář short performance
  • basic familiarity with the marionettes
  • the simplest marionette movements, head gaze, gestures, gait, stylized patterns of movement

2nd Day

  • marionette motion search option
  • coordination of individual body parts of marionette
  • discovering the secrets of the marionette performance

3rd Day

  • marionette rehearsals
  • various possibilities of puppet movement to a music
  • expressing basic human emotions by a motion
  • word as part of puppet expression

4th Day

  • marionette rehearsal in the studio, finishing up with an individual puppet scenes
  • outdoors performance, where graduates with the master alternately perform with their practiced etudes, which get better by every repetition and new ideas come around along with an improvisation
  • graduates collect money from the audience to the hat
  • earnings will be spent on the final party


Workshop fee:

Price per person is 12 000 CZK
Every participant will obtain a certificate of successful completion of a course.
The price of the workshop includes a ticket for Don Giovanni performance at the National Marionette Theatre plus a tour of a private historical marionette collection. Both events will be arranged according to student´s time options.


What else do you get? Rich additional experience and advice in the field of puppetry.



The workshop is taught in English


Workshop location:

Boleslavská 11

130 00 Praha 3

Map here


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