FOR 3 DAYS

Doporučujeme připojit dílnu s vlastní představy, konstrukce nebo charakter loutky, které byste chtěli, aby.

In course of this workshop, each participant will – under Pavel´s supervision and with his assistance – carve out the head of their own wooden marionette. The body itself will be prefabricated in our workshop and ready to use for your coming marionette. Depending upon the student´s skill whether there is some time left then our pupil can carve also the hands. Final unpainted marionette might be dressed up with a simple costume or enhanced with accessories.


Workshop Plán:

Production of a marionette head, carved from the linden wood.
Workshop se 3 dny
Studenti budou pracovat od 10 am to 6 pm, s 1 hour lunch break

Maximální počet studentů: 4

1st Den

  • Příprava vizuální design (technický výkres)
  • Stroj příprava materiálu
  • Start on carving the marionette head

2nd Day

  • Adresa loutkové dokončení
  • Start on carving a marionette hands (depends on the time)

3rd Day

  • Finishing hands
  • Marionette assembly (with ready prepared body) and completion
  • Loutkové divadlo lekce

                  IMG_0921          IMG_0979

Workshop poplatek:

12.000 CZK per person

Every participant will obtain a certificate of successful completion of a course.
The price of the workshop includes a ticket for Don Giovanni performance at the National Marionette Theatre plus a tour of a private historical marionette collection. Both events will be arranged according to student´s time options.


Seminář je vyučován v angličtině

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