For all of you who cannot spend the time in our puppet studio and join creative courses to achieve a fabulous marionette we have produced a sipmple DIY Marionette Kit.

There are twenty different characters to choose from!

The kit includes ready – made linden wood components, instruction, fitting accesories. You just have to supply yourself with the paint. We recommend pencils, pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint. For finish fix the paint with matte varnish on wood. If you use pencils then spray the marionette before varnishing with fixative (for dry technics).



The full range of characters can be viewed here, just click


tabloJust pick one and have fun!

DIY Marionette Kit description:

Height: 31cm

Width: 10cm

Depth: 7,5cm

Weight: approx. 300 g

Price : 1.300 CZK (59 USD, 49 EUR)



Need  help with your marionette?

Just watch the instruction video – step by step how to built our small wooden marionette

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