Our team of puppet makers apply traditional technologies in producing both serial and original marionettes.

We use natural materials such as linden and beech wood, plaster, leather, oil paints, crayons and distempers.

The very first puppets were made in our workshop as soon as in 2000. They were cast in plaster according to clay modeled originals. Find more about them in our Studio-subcategory.

In 2002 we began to carve wooden original puppets and created a set of marionettes for a performance The 13 Clocks written by James Thurber. The marionettes based on Thurber´s illustrations were made by Pavel Truhlář.
Since 2003 the production of our originals grew mainly thanks to work of Daniel Truhlář, whose wooden puppets can be found in many private collections throughout the world today.

In 2006 we opened a new workshop in a historical house in Nosticova street at Malá strana and our line of products spread by another collection which were being made of wood this time. This working space we had left at the end of 2008 and moved our studio along with office to a smaller space in Vinohrady. It is amazing how many workshops we had run in such a little space. Nowadays we have a new wonderful open space on very same street where we have moved to on December 2012.

We also carry out more demanding restoring jobs and puppet repairs. We consider our studio in Vinohrady a platform open to the public where anyone interested in marionette art is welcome. And visitors can do more than just look. With newly opened creative workshop courses anyone can create his or her own marionette with a little help from our experienced instructors. Come to see us! Join any of our offered workshops!