Dear Marionety Friends,

as you alredy know our shop and studio are closed due COVID-19, we have state of emergency, whole country is in quarantine.

Being closed, doesn’t mean, that we cannot send you any puppets)) feel free to ask us any questions concerning marionettes either through website´s contact form or directly to our e-mail info@marionety.com. Every day we post new pictures and videos on our facebook page and instagram. Please check it out and whether you may like any shown marionette or you would like to order anything special, then we are here listen to your queries. Believe, even small buys will keep us going..

Whether you are still thinking of buying some puppets, but you are unsure of getting one, because of postal services (true is, that we cannot ship to some countries due COVID-19 and if we can then there can be problem on the other side, in your country as well), hereupon you can get VOUCHERS. Get a marionette Voucher for just a certain financial amount, which you redeem as soon as we can ship items to your country.

We can also issue Vouchers on someone´s name, so you can give them to your friends, family, colleagues as a gift, thus they may choose they preferable marionette. Now or later on.

Other types of Vouchers might be for
• small marionette workshop
• 7 days carving workshop – make your own marionette
• 5 days carving workshop
• 3 days carving workshop
• Custom made marionette
• Portrait marionette “Mini Me”

Of course, you might be also able to get Voucher for our DIY Marionette Kit, we have 20! different characters just for you! We would like to offer our studio price which is 1.000 CZK per one. You may take advantage of very strong EUR/USD during these days..Whether you cannot join our workshop, you can still make marionette at your home, even don’t dress up, stay in your pj´s)

Whether you think, making marionette from your home might be to difficult, we want to definitely insure you, it is Not!)). It is easy with our instruction video😀 found on our page or Facebook or just simply here

Vouchers are issued in Czech or English, sent to your e-mail in PDF File, ready to print. They may look like this..

Payment methods: PayPal (name account: info@marionety.com) or bank transfer

THANK YOU for your HELP!!