Pavel Truhlář











Pavel was born in 1969 in Prague. Beginning  of his theater carrier dates from 1990 when he started to play a famous theater series called “Robin Hood” by Willam Scarlet with the students of Theatre Faculty in Prague. At the very same time he had discovered the world of puppets and founded his own puppet ensemble which lasts up to this day. He travels a lot with his ensemble puppeteers all around Czech Republic and also abroad ( Belgium, China, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey..). Past 16 years he is engaged in producing marionettes and gallery activity in the field of puppet.

Puppet theatre company Teatro Truhla:
Gulliver (Gulliver)
Promisetown Riders (Gizele, prostitute)
Joyce´s Cat and the Devil (town mayor).
The Sailors (Sailor)
The Musicians (Musician)
The 13 Clock (Woman)

Educational/Professional Qualifications
1983 – 1988 Technical School of Engineering (SPŠS), Technologist of Engineering
1993 Founder of Marionety Truhlar company
1990 Founder of puppet ensemble Teatro Truhla


Martin Růžicka

Martin was born in 1969 in Prague. Started to play the violin at the age of six, later on added a violone and bass. Member of the string Orchestra (1985 – 1989), mostly concerting abroad. During 1988 – 1994 studied classical music at he Prague Conservatory, subject field bass. At the same time starts to play on guitar, mostly rock’n’roll. Since that time rock’n’roll is his passion and priority, plays professionally . In the same time as a autodidact carves successfully marionettes. His involvement with puppet theatre company Teatro Truhla started about three years ago, being part of great performances  Gulliver, Promisetown Riders or Joyce´s Cat and the Devil .

Gulliver (Caesar)
Promisetown Riders (Jonas, the black farmer)
Joyce´s Cat and the Devil (Townsman, play on guitar).
Educational/Professional Qualifications
1983 – 1987 Building technical school, graduated as a Building Technologist
1988 – 1994 Prague Conservatory,classical music
Since 1994 become free lance musician and wood-carver
1996 – to present – member of Sketa Fotr band, Prague, CZ
2009 – 2011 member of Moody Daddy band, Prague, CZ
1996 – to present – member of Ritchie Success band, Prague, CZ
Jan Čáp

Jan was born in 1966 and started acting in the late 80´s when he served in the Czechoslovak army (compulsory military service 1986-88) . At that time he played mainly in fairy tales for officers´children.

He continued his drama career at the Charles University in Prague (as a student of English Department in 1988-1993).


The Firechief in Ionesco´s Bald Soprano, the Judge in Yossarian Trial – based on Heller: Catch 22 or most memorably Ben in The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter.

His involvement with puppet theatre company Teatro Truhla started in 2006. He successfully plays in Gulliver (Chamberlain), Promisetown Riders (Apache Indian) or Joyce´s Cat and the Devil (Devil).

Educational/Professional Qualifications
1988 – 1993 Charles University in Prague, English Department
1984 – 1988 National Library, Librarian
1988 – 1998 Czech News Agency, Translator
Reader´s Digest, Editor
1998 – 2003 BBC Radio, Radio Journalist
2004 – 2009 Lidové noviny Sunday Daily, Journalist
2009 – Instinkt magazine


Jan Kroupa

Honza Kroupa

Educational/Professional Qualifications
1988 – Graduated from Gymnasium in field of Computer Programming, specialized in algorithm and computer systems
1997 – Graduated (MA) from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Charles University, Prague
Specialization: Spanish Philology
1992 – freelance translator and interpreter
Working in field of science and research in the humanities

Relevant  Experiences and Engagements
1984 – 1985 – member of Madridská schůzka band, Prague, CZ
1985 – 1988 – member of the N.I.C. Band, Prague, CZ
1987 – 1991 – member of the Joseph´s Cikan Band, Prague, CZ
1992 – 1996 – member of the Kral Klacek band, Prague, CZ
1996 – to present – member of Sketa Fotr band, Prague, CZ
2000 – to present – member of the Vrtule 1 band, Prague, CZ (
2000 – 2004 – member of Ochotnice z Kampy marionette theater group, Prague, CZ
2004 – present – member of Teatro Truhla marionette theater group, Prague, CZ
2009 – 2011 member of Moody Daddy band, Prague, CZ
Musical Skills
accordion, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, percussions, vocals

Co-author of marionette plays
Promisetown Riders (role of German Immigrant)
Gulliver in Lilliput (role of Chamberlain)
Thirteenth Clock (role of Informer)
Cat and Devil (musical accompaniment)