In the early 90´s Malá strana witnessed a creation of a puppet theater group “Ochotnice z Kampy”(The Kampa Amateur) whose only member, an actor and director was Pavel Truhlář. He played in local pubs and coffee shops for children and adults, usually on Sundays.
His repertoire consisted mainly of well known local fairy-tales. At the end of the last century his group started cooperating with an original Prague band “Sketa Fotr”. Live music combined with alternative puppet theater of an amateur style hit success and the newly established group became very popular. As the audience asked for new and new premieres, several performances were staged (The Sailors, The Musicians, The 13 Clocks, or Gulliver in Lilliput¨..etc.) some of which are being played even today.

In 2006 the group reorganized, changed its name to “Teatro Truhla” and its members are – apart from the permanent principle head Pavel Truhlář – distinguished multimedia artists Martin Růžička, Jan Kroupa a Jan Čáp.




  • Captain Hook (premiere in 1997)
  • The Musicians (premiere in 1999)
  • The 13 Clocks (premiere in 2001)
  • Gulliver in Lilliput (premiere in 2006)
  • Promisetown Riders (premiere in 2007)
  • Cat and Devil (premiere in 2008)
  • Follow The Star (premiere in 2009)
  • Magic Glasses (premiere in 2011)
  • Captain Fotrix Cosmos (premiere in 2013)